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Mr Rapadash “Elvis” - 2007 Grey Stallion - 16.3 hands - 1450 lbs

Register of Merit in 2010 -  Bank of America Maiden Challenge Derby Finalist


Eye Take TimeRapadash (TB) by Royal Quiz (TB)


 A stakes finalist and stakes money earner who achieved his racing ROM and acquired full AQHA papers.  His sire is a 3 time Champion Alberta Race Sire and has sired 10 stakes horses.  His dam and her entire pedigree is Blacktype.  Not only has he proven himself as a performer, he is conformationally exceptional and stop you in your tracks beautiful!!!  He has posted a 220 yard work in 11:43 which is faster than the world record for a 220 yard race!!!  An international “A” track jockey who rode him in his works said “he’s the fastest I’ve ever rode”!!!


 The presence he carries is truly not measurable.  When we took him to Northlands to do his timed works everyone would stop and look at him prance in and say “ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING”.  Seasoned track veterans were in awe of his looks and the presence he carries himself with.  Even other horses would notice him and some even tried to bolt!!!

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