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New Owners of “Eyes Open” aka Marengo and “Zillifer” aka Zeus


Hey Laurie and Teresa!


Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how the boys are doing.  We love them!  They have settled into their new home like they have lived there all of their lives.  They are wonderful to ride.  From day one neither Marengo nor Zeus has given us any trouble.  We are super happy with our choices!


It is really funny because each horse suits our personality really well.  Zeus is a riot and definitely a “Kenny Burt” horse.  He is cute and quirky and is amazingly quiet.  I have no problems hopping on him when Kenny is away.  He is not your typical 3 year old.


Marengo makes me smile everyday!  He is my big, sensitive hunk!  He is definitely a lover, not a fighter!  He has been amazing to ride and has already taught me a lot (with some help from Kenny)!


We just wanted to send you a big thank you for being so helpful, open and honest from the beginning.  There were no surprises and  we got exactly what you told us we were getting!  You are welcome to come visit them any time you are near Grande Prairie!


Lindsay and Kenny


Kayla Zielke...owner of “Rookie On A Roll” aka Rookie and “Docz Olena” aka Fiona.


When I was looking for a prospect I came across a gorgeous bay filly from Top Line Running Quarter Horses.  When I inquired on her I was told everything about her that I could ever think of and upon getting the filly everything was completely true.  I have never dealt with a more honest seller.  


A year later when I started looking for a new prospect to run barrels on I knew the first place to look again was Top Line.  I found exactly what  was looking for in a 6 year old broke gelding.  We bought him in the winter and didn't even have the chance to test ride him but I knew that with all she had told me about him, it wasn't a problem.  Once I was able to ride him he was better than what she had said, he was amazing.  After a mere month of slow work on barrels and  one slow jackpot under his belt, he came back to win the 3D average at his second jackpot, at a lope!  


The horses they sell are exactly as she tells you, seller was extremely honest and I know if I am to buy another horse I will contact her first.  These horses are great minded, very willing and have the attitude you want in a barrel horse but are amazing to be around.  If you are looking to be winning in the barrel pen, then Top Line is where you should be looking for your next prospect.


Bronte Ketsa...owner of “Zillas Streakin” aka Java and “Im Freakin Streakin” aka Chickee.


It has been over 6 months since I decided to purchase Java and Chickee.  I couldn't be more happy with the progress of these two mares.  Both have come so far in what is such a small amount of time, they are highly sensitive horses and are both so smart!


My dealing with Laurie were amazing!  She made sure that both horses were a proper fit, she set us up with the best of the best for them too.  She is super easy to deal with and won’t let you go home with a horse that wouldn't be the right fit.


Thank you Laurie for partnering me with not only one but two amazing mares that are so full of potential and talent! 

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!